at The Footstop Gait Analysis & Injury Clinic

Initial Assessment - 45 Minutes - £35.00

30 Minutes Session - £25.00

45 Minutes Session - £35.00

    1 Hour Session - £45.00



Relieves muscular tension and tightnes

Improves flexibility and mobility

Promotes healing after an injury

Aids in the prevention of injuries

Preparation for competitions

Alleviates fatigue

If you haven’t experienced a sports massage before, then talk to a member of our team before you book a session or let them know when they are talking with you beforehand and they will help guide you through the process. Massages can vary in length based on your requirements from 30 minutes to 60 minutes. Your first session will need to be 45 minutes’ duration as your therapist will have health questions to ask before they begin treatment.

From elite sports professionals to city workers, a sports massage could be just the thing you need to resolve any kind of muscle tension, whether it’s back ache from poor posture or a painful pulled muscle.


Our specialists understand that every client is different and they will work with you to ensure that you get the treatment that you require. You will receive a massage tailored to your specific needs – whether it be a full body muscle massage or a specific injured area.

During the massage you may be asked to change position or move around, so that problem areas can be treated effectively. Sports massage has earned a bit of a reputation for being painful. While the first few treatments can be a little challenging, repeated sessions provide ample rewards for your body and your musculoskeletal mobility.