Rehab and Sports Therapy

at The Footstop Gait Analysis & Injury Clinic

Initial Assessment - 45 Minutes - £35.00

30 Minutes Session - £25.00

45 Minutes Session - £35.00

    1 Hour Session - £45.00


Strength and Conditioning

Injury Recovery

Return to Sport Training


Improves flexibility and mobility

Speeds up healing after an injury

Aids in the prevention of injuries

Preparation for competitions

Sports Therapy is an aspect of healthcare that is particularly concerned with the prevention of injury and the rehabilitation of patients back to optimum levels of function.


Once an injury has reached a stage where your range of movement has returned and your muscle strength is improving you will need to prepare for returning to your sport. This needs to be carried out gradually by introducing sport specific exercise programmes and advice. The Sports Therapist will advise you on this progressive programme and fitness test you at various stages to ensure that when you return fully to your sport you are fit to do so.